Audio and video from our events!

David Bellos speaking about Is That A Fish in Your Ear?, October 13, 2o11: Bellos 10.13.11

Arvind Mehrotra and Jason Grunebaum reading their translations of Kabir, Uday Prakash, and Manzoor Ahtesham, November 2, 2011: Mehrotra Grunebaum 11.2.11

Drenka Willen, Barbara Epler, and John Siciliano discussing the acquisition, editing, and promotion of literary translations, November 4, 2011:

Luc Sante, Patrick Phillips, Alyson Waters, Adam Giannelli, Magdaléna Platzová, and Alex Zucker reading from “Counterfeits”, November 9, 2011: Counterfeits 11.9.11

Johnny Lorenz, Idra Novey, and Barbara Epler reading from and discussing the new translations of Clarice Lispector, January 23, 2012:

Charlotte Mandell and Jordan Stump reading their translated works, November 20, 2013: Mandell and Stump, Nov. 2013


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